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Veggie Spring Rolls [4]   $6.99

Served with homemade sweet chili sauce

Fresh Rolls [2]  $6.99

Veg $4.99 I Chicken  $5.99 I Shrimp  $6.99

Golden Tofu  $6.99  

Served with homemade sweet chili and peanut

Crab Rangoon  $7.99

Served with homemade sweet chili sauce

Pork Dumpling  $7.99

Steamed or fried, served with homemade soy ginger sauce

Johnny's Wings  $9.99

Deep fried, tossed with Korean BBQ sauce. Served with pickled veggies

Thai Steamed Mussels  $9.99

With lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, birds eye chili and Thai coconut whiskey infused cilantro

Waterfall Beef  $11.99

Marinated beef mixed with cilantro, onion, toasted ground rice in a spice onion, toasted ground rice in a spiced lime vinaigrette dressing

Papaya Salad   $8.99

Shredded green papaya, tomato, green bean, carrot, and peanut in a lime vinaigrette dressing

Steamed Edamame  $6.99

OBX sea salt

Poke  $11.99

Ahi tuna, pineapple, cucumbers, seaweed salad and homemade soy sauce

Caramelized Eggplant  $7.99

Cashew nuts, sesame, scallion and homemade soy sauce

Calamari  $9.99  

Tossed with roasted peanuts and sweet and sour chili sauce

Beef Salad  $11.99

Marinated beef mixed with cucumber, tomato, carrot, and green onion in a lime vinaigrette

Seaweed Salad   $5.99

Served with radish, beet, sesame seed, and sweet vinegar

Mixed Green Salad.  $8.99

Spring mix, tomato, onion, cucumber, and carrot topped with homemade sesame ginger dressing


Miso Soup  $4.99

Enoki mushroom, scallion, tofu, and seaweed

Lemongrass Soup [Tom Yum]  $4.99

Chicken or shrimp

Coconut Soup [Tom Kha]  $5.99

Chicken or shrimp

Lunch Set Specials

Served with your choice of tofu, chicken, pork for $9.99, beef, shrimp for $11.99 and seafood for $14.99

Every dish is served with soup of the day (dine in)


Stir Fried Mix Vegetables

Mixed vegetables served with white or brown rice


Pad Thai

Stir-fried rice noodle in homemade Pad Thai sauce with egg, bean sprout, scallions, and peanut


Sauteed Fresh Ginger

Ginger, onion, bell pepper, carrot, mushroom and corn served with white or brown rice

Spicy Basil Fried Rice

Green bean, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, egg and basil


Red or Green Curry

Green bean, bamboo, bell pepper and basil served with white or brown rice


Yakisoba Noodles

Japanese style noodles with mixed vegetables


Sauteed Thai Basil

Green Bean, onion, bell pepper, mushroom and basil served with white or brown rice


Drunken Noodle

Flat noodle, egg, bell pepper, onion, green beans, carrot, mushroom, basil, and broccoli


Thai Fried Rice

Onion, tomato, egg, carrot and scallion


General Tao's Chicken

Pineapple and onion served with white or brown rice

Lo Mein
Stir-fried egg noodle with egg, cabbage, carrot, mushroom,
squash, zucchini, snow peas, onion and bamboo

Sesame Chicken
Broccoli and sesame seeds


Kid's Menu

Kid's Chicken Fried Rice  $7.99

Carrots, peas, egg, rice and chicken

Kid's Fried Chicken  $7.99

Choices of fries, steamed veggies or jasmine rice

Kid's Shrimp Tempura  $7.99

Choices of fries, steamed veggies or jasmine rice

Kid's Pasta  $7.99

Spaghetti noodles tossed in butter and parmesan

Side Orders

Jasmine Rice   $1.99

Sticky Rice   $2.99

Brown Rice   $1.99

Steamed Vegetables   $2.99

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